Abrams and Bradley work from photo shoot at Fort Benning
Art Director, Compositor, Animator, 3D Generalist, and Developer
Agisoft PhotoScan
Maya 2017 + Mental Ray


Render Setup and Collections are a new way of working with render layers due to the addition of rendering in ILM’S OpenEXR format in NVIDIA Mental Ray. Render Layers are the old way of looking at things, as render passes can be separated from an OpenEXR file as a sort of appendix of a frame. My work as a compositor is to make sure there can be interactive content context highlighting within 2D/3D workspaces and also the ability to add a separate shadow pass collection, with overrides, that go over the top in Adobe After Effects or other compositing software. Rendering takes more time this way and compositions compute stacked heavy 32-bit image files. Although, this method gives you the leeway to think of background as separate from objects, and an object that not only sits stationary but also moves. An automobile has an engine, doors, an interior and an exterior.

This is an example of a well sorted Maya file with many render setup overrides and collections.